So maybe we've come full circle. Uniting our filmmaking past, with our sculpture making present.
At any rate, we thought you might like to see the process.
Check out the following videos by clicking on their corresponding YouTube links:


"Stretching Out". 3 min 10 secs
An abstract stainless steel sculpture comes to fruition - from small cardboard maquette, to 6ft x 6ft  full size installation.


"The Featured Act". 4 min 54 secs.
The trajectory of a commission, from concept to construction, initial idea to installation. Watch as we make and then install the piece we call "The Featured Act", an abstract jazz band comprised of 4 individual sculptures.


"Miro Kite".  2 min 8 secs.
Watch as Miro Kite, our very first public art piece gets installed in downtown Vista, CA.