Recent Commissions:

We just revisited our tabletop sculpture, "EGGSistential Blues" ,  creating a large scale version we call "EGGSistentially Blue", for some folks down in Palm Springs, CA
Here's what it looks like in their backyard:



A couple in Berkeley, CA asked us to design a coatrack for them.  We call the piece we came up with "The Amazing Technicolor Coatrack". It is made of steel, wood and acrylic paints and stands 68" H x 33"W x 23"D.
  Here's what it looks like from  the front...



And here's what it looks like from the back - you can see the pegs for the coats.  


A couple in San Rafael, CA who are longtime collectors of ours asked us to make them a cabinet we first made over 25 years ago. The original was called "Sound Asleep", the 2020 version is called "Still Sleeping", but the girl still measures 72"L x 34"H x 20"D.


We also made them a cabinet for their tv to sit on. It is a wood cabinet on wheels, with steel door pulls. We call the piece "Dancing to the Blues". It is 36"W x 27"H x 19"D.  
We made a large scale version of a tabletop kinetic sculpture we made earlier in the year. It's a piece we call "What Goes Around, Comes Around". This free-standing one is 58"H x 43"W and sits atop a couple of paving stones.

Here is the piece before we delivered it:



   And here we are installing it in the       Pleasanton, CA backyard where it will live.